Guide Talks

We now have two talks for Guide groups, '1940s Guides' and 'WW2 Rationing and Emergency Cooking'  We recommend groups have the 1940s Guide talk before the Rationing talk as we cover a lot of the background knowledge, but the Rationing talk can stand alone if required. 

For face to face talks we have a maximum of 25 Guides for these talks (if you have more please contact us to discuss this), there is no minimum number.  There is no minimum or maximum number for Zoom talks.

The following topics are covered:

  • How long ago WW2 was.
  • Guide uniform changes over the last 80 years
  • What life was like during the war. (Air raids, Home Life, Gas Masks, School, Entertainment, Helping at home)
  • What girls wore
  • Joining Guides
  • The Tenderfoot Test
  • The 2nd Class Test
  • What the Guides did during the War
  • Top Secret Stories
  • Wartime Badges
  • Spies, Secrets and Messages (the story of a wartime Guide)

For Face to Face Talks:

Setting up

We need a minimum of 30 minutes to set up for the talk.

What we will provide
Projector, stand, screen
A small display of 1940s memorabilia
All items for the activities

What we need
Post Code and clear directions to the hall.
Contact details including phone number of the leader
7 x 6ft tables (if this is not possible we can bring 2 tables, but need advance notice).
Electric point
Help packing up and transporting to the car is much appreciated.
Cup of tea!


Air Raid:  After talking about air raids the Guides are warned that at some point the air raid siren will be sounded and they will have to go to a shelter (tables covered with cloths), they will be asked to sing a song.  During the air raid there are quite loud sounds, but they will be told that when they are in the shelter they will be completely safe.  Previous groups have loved this and they all wanted to do it again!

Guide Tests

This is a competition between the three groups with a prize at the end.

1.       Detective (Test deductions skills and finding out information)
2.      Knotting
3.      First Aid


This will take place on the screen.  An image will be shown for 20 seconds and the girls will then be asked four questions about the pictures and write down the answers, the results will then be shown.  A further two tests will be shown.

WW2 Rationing and Guide Blitz Cooking (new for 2021)

This is based on half an hour of talk and demonstration followed by half an hour of discussion and planning by the girls, including their own ideas and thoughts, we are on hand to help.

If practical we can come back the following week to help put all this in to practice, whether done inside on cookers or outside on real fires, or maybe at an activity Centre, this follows the ideas in the My Badge book page 19 and is part of Guiding History.

Part 1

We look at the history behind rationing, why rationing was necessary in WW2, how it worked, what was on ration and what foods were off ration, the Dig for Victory campaign, keeping chickens, rabbits etc.

We show how the Guides did Emergency/Blitz cooking in the war and tell their amazing story, how it was done and discuss what was available to cook.

Part 2 – In small groups

Having learnt all about this we ask the girls to decide on a meal to cook using only things they could have got in the War, with the help of some original recipes. This causes a huge amount of thought and discussion, not only on what to cook but how.



We have had a lot of lovely comments about our talks, please see below:

1st Goring Guides

Bret and Karen recently came to my Guide Unit to reveal the untold history of what the Girl Guides did during the war. It was absolutely fascinating. We had no idea that Guides played such a significant role on the Home Front from lighting campfires to make tea for bomb victims to assisting doctors in hospitals and even carrying messages for the security services. During the war, GIrlguides slept in their uniforms in case they needed to spring into action overnight. Bret and Karen also brought along an intriguing display of war time artifacts including a genuine baby’s gas mask and a Guiding uniform fitted on a model of an average-sized WW2 12-year-old girl - much smaller than most of our Guides. The talk was inter-woven with some war-time role play activities which the girls really enjoyed with plenty of time to ask questions and reflect on the impact of the war on a generation of girls.

Feedback-wise I think it was a very well structured evening with the right balance between information and entertainment and I felt you read the mood of the girls and kept them engaged.

3rd Brize Norton Guides

Thank you so much for coming to talk to us about all the amazing things Guides did on the Home Front durint WWII. All so very interesting.