Wolf Cubs in Wartime
An entertaining and educational talk about Wolf Cubs in WW2.

For face to face talks we have a maximum of 25 Brownies for these talks due to the activities.  There is no minimum number.  For Zoom talks we have a minimum of 6 but no maximum numbers.

The talk includes:
  • How long ago WW2 was.
  • Cub uniform changes over the last 81 years
  • What life was like for children during the war. (Air raids, Home Life, Gas Masks, School, Playtime and toys, Entertainment, Helping at home)
  • Joining Wolf Cubs
  • Story of the 1941 program, what they had to do, and tests.
  • Badges and what you had to do to get them
  • The Two Star test, which we ask the leaders to say if they can complete it know( haven’t found any yet ) the kids loved this.
  • What Cubs did to help the War effort.
  • Doing good turns.
  • And finishing with heroic stories about Wolf Cubs that won medals.
  • We also put in an air raid experience, very well received.
  • 3 entertaining games of the time.

If you have any questions or would like to book a session please email contact@doingtheirbit.co.uk