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Doing Their Bit

Life on the Home Front

Home Front History

We now have our own Facebook group:

WW2 Life on the Home Front

This group is dedicated to all things that happened in Britain during WW2 1939-45. The group is for people interested in this time, historians, collectors, re-enactors and people just into the 1940s. To share photos, stories, collections, interesting information about this wonderful time in history.

To join the group click on the link WW2 Life on the Home Front | Facebook


Our displays vary from large static displays showing hundred of original memorabilia to small roving displays depicting aspects of WW2 Home Front.


We give fun, interesting and informative talks to adult groups, schools and children’s groups about life on the Home Front during WW2.


We attend many WW2 events throughout the year and even organise a few.


We have included a few wartime recipes if you would like to try them.

A Week on Rations

by Karen Wiles

Do you think you could survive on 1940s rations? During WW2 the country made rationing an art form, stretching their meagre rations and digging for victory.

In this book we explain why and how our country was thrown into food rationing and how they coped. We also look at our week living on rations, how we faired, our feelings and what we did.

Available from Amazon for £6.50

A Week on Rations: