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Below are links to recommend websites and Facebook groups that have provided help and services that we have personally use.

Please note we do not take any responsibility for the content of any external websites or Facebook groups.

Reference and Information
Extensive resource and certainly the best website covering the uniforms, badges,  helmets and equipment used by ARP Air Raid Wardens,  Civil Defence Services and the Fire Guard during WW2. Well worth a look and invaluable resource for anyone wanting to re-enactor or reaching the ARP. Highly recommend.
Very good website for info on the Home Guard, not just Staffordshire but covers all over the country.

All Fronts Re-enactment Association provides good Public liability insurance for re-enactors, a must if you want to join in with 1940s re-enactment, only £15.80 a year, probably the cheapest on the market.

Clothing and Badges
Mapledoram reproductions, a small company based in Halifax specialising in ladies and gentlemen’s quality reproduction 1940’s suits, shirts and blouses. They offer customers a quality product made in tailors shops, not at large mass production factories. They also pride ourselves on customer service.
A family run business with experience within the re-enactment world. They supply quality badges not only re-enactors but museums, associations, film studios, world wide customers and collectors, to name but a few. They also  offer a bespoke service – whereby that hard or elusive item can be reproduced.
Good quality WW2 British reenactment uniforms and equipment for a reasonable price. At Soldier of Fortune they have everything to kit you out from head to toe for Army and Air Force including battledress tunics and trousers, badges, (very impressive Home Guard kit) Also some great items for women re-enactors.
A selection of 1940s Vintage and 40s inspired clothing and accessories for men and women. This range of forties originals includes dresses, handbags and hats plus authentic vintage-style items.

Looking for classic men’s shirts to reflect the fashion from the 1930s, 1940s, designs taken from originals, good selection of spearpoint collar shirts, club, bankers collars and collarless grandad styles.

The best site to view future and upcoming events for all aspects of the 1940s scene including re-enactment, dances and social events, includes a link to get a free app, very useful.

Website devoted to the British Home Front during World War Two, offering a wide range of genuine original collectables from this era..

Stock includes items from the Home Guard, ARP, Civil Defence, Womens Land Army, WVS, rationing, amongst others. Highly recommend and trusted.

Recommend Facebook groups

Home Front History,
Great reference for all things home front in WW2, thousands of original photos.

Dressed for the Home front (WW2 British Home front Uniforms)
Very good reference group to see and find out more about uniforms.

WVS Reenactors Group (Women in Green)
Great group if you are interested in re-enacting WVS.

WW2 Civil Defence (ARP) Re-enactors.
Fantastic group for all things ARP, original photos, advice, things to do with Civil defence, home front interest.

Heroes with Grimy Faces.
Group all about WW2 Fire Fighters, AFS, NFS, keeping the memories alive.

1940s events and social space.
Fantastic group for finding out about event’s, lots of photos and info about past events, and also advertising for up coming events.

Rationing and Wartime Experience.
Group mainly interested in wartime Rationing, lots of info and photos as well as recipes.

Remember Britain’s Home Guard.
Group all about the Home Guard, lot’s of info, and great original photos, also help on re-enacting Home Guard.