Brownies in Wartime

The talk for Brownie packs is all about what life was like for children during WW2 and specifically the wartime Brownie. It covers the following topics:

How long ago WW2 was.
Brownie uniform changes over the last 81 years
What life was like for children during the war.
Joining Brownies
Getting Ready for Brownies
The Golden Bar – what Brownies had to do to get their Golden Bar badge. 
The Golden Hand – how to become a first class Brownie.
What Brownies did to help win the war
Secret work for MI9

The talk takes the form of a PowerPoint presentation interspersed with activities and games.  The talks lasts for 1 hour. 

Activities for Face-to-Face

The Brownies will need to be split into 3 teams.

Air Raid:  After talking about air raids the Brownies are warned that at some point the air raid siren will sound and they will have to go to a shelter (3 covered tables).  During the air raid there are quite loud sounds, but they will be told that when they are in the shelter they will be completely safe.  Previous groups have loved this and they all wanted to do it again!

The Golden Bar:  Three activity tables will be set up around the room based on activities in the 1940s programme.  We need 1 helper for this.

1940s Recycling:  The Brownies will be asked to stand in the middle of the room, items will be shown on the screen and they will be asked to move left or right depending on whether they think this is true or false.  

The Golden Hand:  The Brownies love this one!  We ask the leaders to step up and see if they can do all of the requirements for the Golden Hand badge (don’t worry, you don’t have to actually do this).

Talks by Zoom
Talks by Zoom are complete free, however if you would like to make a donation towards our running expenses, we would be grateful.  We ask that Zoom talks are not recorded or copied as this contravenes copyright.

For Zoom talks we have a minimum of 6 Brownies, but no maximum numbers.

We have our own Zoom license and can set up the talk invitation.  Please be assured that the Zoom invitations will not be shared to any third party by us.  The Zoom session will be set up 10 minutes before the start of the talk for you to ensure that all links work.
The talk will last for 1 hour but please allow extra time at the end for questions.
We are not able to do talks by any other platform, ie Microsoft Teams.

Face-to-face talks
We are very happy to come to your group to give a face-to-face talk within Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire or Berkshire. In addition to the talk we will bring a small display of related original memorabilia for the girls to look at.  Sadly we cannot currently allow the girls to touch the items as they cannot be sanitised.

For face-to-face talks we have a maximum of 25 Brownies due to the activities (please discuss with us if you have more than this.  There is no minimum number. 

A minimum of 45 minutes is needed to set up for the talk, which can be reduced considerably with help transporting from the car.  The talk lasts for 1 hour, but please allow additional time at the end for questions.

Do you charge?
We are non-profit making and face-to-face talks are free, however we may ask for help with our travel costs and if you wish to make a donation to help with our other expenses (software and photo licenses, equipment, etc) it would be appreciated.

What we will provide
Projector, stand, screen.
A small display of 1940s memorabilia.
All items for the activities.

What we need
Address, Post Code and clear directions to the hall.
Contact details including phone number.
Number of Brownies and any who have special needs.
4 x 6ft tables (if this is not possible we can bring 2 tables, but need advance notice).
Electric point
Help transporting to and from the car is much appreciated.
Cup of tea!

Do you have DBS checks?
No, we do not have DBS checks. We have been advised by the agency that we are not entitled to get DBS checks as we are not a company or affiliated with a charity or church.

We do not expect to be left alone with the children at any point and at least one other adult must be in attendance.

How do I make a donation?
Donations may be made using any of the following:
1. Bank Transfer:  HSBC
Mr B N Wiles
Sort Code 40-47-07
Account Number 31559990
2. By cheque to Mr B Wiles, 85 Church Road, Long Hanborough, Witney, Oxfordshire OX29 8JF

How do I book a talk?
Please e-mail with your request.  We aim to answer e-mails within 1 day.