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Isn’t it Cold in the Winter?

New talk for 2023

In 2008 we decided to give up our life on land, buy a Dutch barge and become water gypsies. This new talk for 2023 follows our decision to change our lives and what it is actually like to live on a barge, warts and all.

Follow our journey from our life on land to living on Dutch Barge Edith on the Thames and a few exciting journeys in between. With 460 stunning photos and music to accompany the most beautiful views from our home, this talk will keep you interested and entertained from start to finish.

You can also read about our journey in our published book “Isn’t it Cold in the Winter?” published by Amazon, click here for details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please read these before making an enquiry or booking, most of the answers are below, however please ask if you cannot find the answer you are looking for:

Do you charge?
We ask for the donation of £60 for a talk, plus 35p per mile for travel expenses.

How long is the talk?
A minimum of 20 minutes is needed to set up for the talk, .  All talks lasts for 1 hour, but please allow additional time at the end for questions.

What do you provide?
Projector, stand, screen.
If your hall has a projector, HDMI connection or screen please let us know, but generally we prefer to use our own equipment.

What do we need to provide?
Address, Post Code and clear directions to the hall.
Contact details including phone number.
Approximate number of the audience.
Electric point
A glass of water or better still a cup of tea is also much appreciated (as are directions to the loo)!

Please note we prefer not to use a microphone, our voices carry a long way and we have never had a problem with an audience hearing.

How do I make a payment/donation?
Donations may be made using any of the following:
1. Bank Transfer:  HSBC
Mr B N Wiles
Sort Code 40-47-07
Account Number 31559990
2. Cash on the day

How do I book a talk?
Please e-mail with your request.  We aim to answer e-mails within 1 day. We do not accept bookings by phone. After initial contact we will ask you to fill in a booking form so that we have all of the information we need.