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Talks for Children Booking Form

Please include the year (we are booking up to 2 years in advance).
Please include details of how we can access the venue, (is it upstairs and if so is there a lift?) and how close we can park to the entrance. Any additional directions you can give us would be appreciated, especially if we are trying to find your venue in the dark.
All of our talks are 1 hour long, but please allow a little extra time for questions and to view the display.
We would like access to the venue 45 minutes before the start of the talk to set up our equipment and display. This can be reduced if we have help carrying from the car.
We do not make a charge for talks to children, however we ask for travel expenses at 35p per mile (agreed at the time of your enquiry) and a further donation would be appreciated, but not essential.
Some idea of the size of the audience is appreciated in advance.