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Welcome to our new look website. We hope you enjoy flicking through the pages and find whatever you are looking for.

With Spring around the corner we are planning the events we want to attend this year. We are planning to stay fairly close to home this year with only a couple of exceptions, but we are still waiting to see if some of our favourite events will be going ahead this year so watch this space.

The talks are going well, although we are having to limit the number we do this year. Last year was manic and we ended up doing 2 a day some days, which was far too much. We love our talks and want to enjoy them, not find them a marathon, so we really encourage folk to book well in advance (in fact we have just received our first booking for November!).

The new display for this year will be the Squanderbug display. This will be a roving display along the lines of Bombed Out and Animal Guard. Bret will be sporting a 6ft tall Squanderbug costume and I will be pushing a small hand cart and talking about National Savings. The Bug’s head has been started and I will post again when there is something interesting or amusing to see.

In the meantime, stay safe and enjoy the wonderful early Spring sunshine.

Karen and Bret

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